10th Poem: Father Figure

Is there a man in your life?
Is there someone you look up to?
A guy whom which you could stand upon,
A man you could lean upon.
A Dad, a Father,
A Man, a Brother.
A Father figure
Go figure!
Figure skating,
Figure rating.
Are you figuring this out?
Do you want your figure to sprout?

Okay it’s time to be serious,
Other times are ridiculous.
A father with time to spare,
Not when you ask for a dare.
A man who can repair,
Every time you need him, he’s prepared.
You are in trouble, life goals in jeopardy,
Crying desperately, needing help medically,
Unknown of the future radially,
He’s there magically.
He will wake you, take you, caring,
Carry you, lie with you, parenting,
Leading the way when you need him,
Standing behind you if you want him.
Walking side by side as he protects you,
Making you smile more than others do.

Will your brother be by your side,
As of when or where you lose your pride?
Does he give you a hug so wide?
Will he talk you out of your mind?
How will you describe him?
Is he kind? Mentally sound?
Do people recon he’s worth more than a pound?
Will he come to your aid?
Is he there only when you’re paid?
Will he gamble your life away
Or ask for you to pay?
Unless you say, I can do better without him.

So a Dad, a Father,
A Man, a Brother.
No life without each other,
Coming before any other.
My father figure will lead me forward.
He came for me to go upward.
He will always stand by me
And never just say I will let him be.
He is my rock and my shelter,
His life like no other,
Present in my life when there’s no order.
Here to stay side by side,
Walking onwards and upwards with all my pride.
This is not just a poem; it is a declaration from my heart.
To the one who put me on his earth.
A great man to whom I look up to.
A great man to whom I aspire to be like too
And finally to say I love you too.

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