Evocolution Member, Pam Jat: ‘You Cost Me A Tear’

I never told you I was leaving, I admit keeping silent

Now I am the hero and the villain, like Shakespear’s Hamlet

My heart is wounded, it has been pierced by an erotic bullet,

sent by your steadfast love; it clips to my heart like a magnet

If I could pay for hurting your feelings,… that were latent

Then I will feel guilty if I don’t empty my account and wallet

If I were the pioneer of ‘zest’, your name would be my patent

…and always, you cost me a tear

I have tried pretending that it doesn’t hurt, but it does

Whenever I see pretty tootsies like you, my vein burns

Remembering how you treated my heart ache like a nurse

I thought I would get over it, but your absence is a loss

When I realise I can’t get to you, it pricks my skin like dessert thorns

and I get confused like cattle locking up their horns

It is a bit hard to say because sadness gives me mumps

…and always, you cost me a tear

I see your smiles in the sky, and your face among the stars

Should your mind wander away, I will arrest it in Mars

We once said our love was as strong as the prisons’ bars

But it is now dent like two-colliding speeding sports cars

…and always, you cost me a tear

There is a vice which entangles ours feelings, which is fear,

the fear of you shunning me, but that I know I have to bear,

the fear of me forgetting you, because we are not near,

The fear of we both drowning in our tears,

Without time and distance, we would make a pair;

…and always, when I think about you,

you cost me a tear

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