Reblogged: The Motto

Words of emotion,
Phrases of compassion.
Ideals of various aspirations,
To ensure civil legislation
Without needing human appreciation.

All these ideas engaging youthful ambitions,
Bringing up positive conditions,
Cancelling the fight of the opposition,
Resulting in auto correction.

Plans to stop corruption,
Ideas to replenish positive relations,
Demolishing all efforts to isolation
And to raise active generations.

London 2012 ‘inspire a generation’.
Evocolution creating lines of inspiration,
Turning words into creation.
All leading to positive reformation.

Applying recalculations to initial moralities
Because of all those backward hypothesis,
That produced more wayward realities,
Eventually leading to distorted galleries.

Therefore, I’m building a stage to reveal to the congregation
All of the world’s truly mortified actions,
Using words purposely placed together with conviction
Coming from spiritual individuals to cause a poetic revolution.

Words of emotion
Phrases of compassion;
Welcome to Aspire4Peace

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