In My Heart

World of B-Poems: In My Heart

World Of B-Poems

People say that
Words don’t hurt you
That is so true
The only thing
That truly hurt you
Are people
You think they are
Your friends
But they just
Betray you
Like it is nothing.
They are
Horrible humans
It was all an act
Just to see you face
When you realise
The nasty truth

You love someone so much
That you would do anything for them
You would risk life or death for them
You would protect them until
That person is safe
But that is when they will turn on your
That will turn your world upside down
And things will never be the same again.

Why would people do that?
Why would people just
Take what is yours
The thing that
Helps you to live
The thing that everyone needs
Something that a lot of people
Lose and never find again
The thing that makes them

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