Explore God: Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?

Good evening all,
(well depending on when you are reading this) but how are you doing?
I really hope you’re having a blessed day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. *insert smile here* 😀

Anyway at work I tend listen to some godly messages while I am working, something to inspire me, something that I can relate to.
Messages that we will keep me alert and disciplined when it comes to living with God.
Messages are usually a result of something I’ve been thinking about during work, that comes from my current situations or situations that I hear about.

Well today I decided I wanted to hear views on suffering.
It’s a topic that people struggle with. So I heard how people explained the purpose of suffering, for example One Minute Apologist and Explore God via YouTube. But when I heard this video on Explore God I felt that I should share it with you all.

I hope this helps you.
God bless.

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