Reflection // Song Of The Week [08/11/2015]: My Story

Reflection Time! Look back at your life, what do you see?
Do you see the positives or the negatives? Does overcoming the negatives push you forward through your current situation?
Do you see God’s hand in your life?

There are times when I have looked at my life and I remember all of the good things; the joyful moments, long trips, noisy events, long days. Of course it puts a smile on my face 😀 Even certain things that I wasn’t happy with back then makes me smile now. Like the time when I broke my leg playing rugby…If you knew me back then you would laugh that I played rugby…I was not (still not) built to play..

Story Time! I was in year 13 (in the UK aka sixth form or college) and going to play the year 12 in a friendly game of rugby. That day, I remember chilling with some friends discussing the game and I had mentioned I had never broken anything (was pretty proud of that fact) just before the game, and then it happened…I had just picked up the ball, on a high from just scoring a try minutes earlier, step one way and then tried to twist the other, then I found myself on the floor…lol 🙂 That pain was not a joke. I had to use two gas tanks to relieve the pain. Anyway now that I think about that moment, I’ve just got to smile. Thankfully it operation was successful. 😀

Anyway back to the reason for this post. We have all had many different experiences; some good and some bad. There are times when we love the amazing things that happen and we relate it to God and His awesomeness. And that’s good! After all He’s a God of Miracles! (#InsertSongHere) (#InsertDanceMoves) 😀 But during the hard times we get angry with God. I have been angry with God before. It just didn’t help. I even felt angrier. But when I think back to some of my mistakes and I wouldn’t change a thing, even though I may want to, but I know that through my mistakes I have learnt a few things. I also know that through my mistakes, I know that God is chiseling me, making me better. I can see that after reflecting on my life.

So listen to this week’s #SongOfTheWeek, reflect on your life and look at God’s love and mercy on your life. If you have to write down a list of things you’ve down and experienced. That my help. Do you see God’s hand in your life?

Title: My Story
Artist(s): Big Daddy Weave
Album: Beautiful Offerings

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

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