Make A Way // Song Of The Week

After reflecting on this past weekend, I can’t help but be amazed about the people that the Lord has put around me. Those that have impacted my life. Those that continue to inspire me. Those that advise me on matters I struggle with. People that I have grown to have a lot of respect towards. It truly amazes me.

I can still remember my attitude towards people when I started Uni. I had made a conscious decision that it does not matter weather I made friends or not, I was just here to study, get my degree and leave. If people hated me, it’s fine, that’s their problem. After all, it won’t have been the first time. I had learned to rely on myself.

Fast forward, 5 years later and I’m amazed to have met such an amazing bunch of people. People whom have taught me a lot. People who continue to teach me. They are truly a blessing. I’m just grateful.

So this week, have some time to reflect. Where were you 5, 10 years ago?

Title: Make A Way
Artist(s): Travis Greene
Album: The Hill

Stay safe, Stay blessed.

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