The Recipe // Hip Hop Corner

So it’s that time again, the end of another year. This year has been filled with so many events. Such an emotional roller-coaster of a year.

For me, this year went by very quickly. I can still remember the begin of the year. I was preparing for exams. Now it’s 30th of Decemeber. Mannnnnn!!!!!! What a year! So many ups and downs but a lot to be grateful for; one being my graduation. Man it feels so good to finally say that. I’m a graduate! Lol 🙂

Anyway, as I look forward into the new year, I pray that I bear greater fruit in all areas of my life. And as you all go on this journey with me on the next chapter of my life, I pray that God blesses you all. I look towards greater things.

My ambition has certainly increased throughout this year. So look forward to more posts, more videos and more experiences. Love you all. Enjoy the song. See you all in the new year.

Title: The Recipe
Artist(s): The Ambassador
Album: When Sacred Meets Secular

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

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