Dear 2016 & Song Of The Week

Happy Sunday all, I know this is a late post on the Sunday. But I’m sure it’s worth the wait.

Since the start December 2016, I had been reflecting on how the year has been and then earlier this year a friend asked if I was going to write a piece about my 2016 experience.

So here it is…

Dear 2016,
My dear 2016
What a year we’ve had
A roller-coaster of a time
Lots of highs and lows, all the events you’ve exuded
But mostly a year that many would like to forget
And consider a cluster copulate of a year.

My dear 2016
You produced a roller-coaster of emotions for us all.
Here’s just an example of events that you produced
You had a generation panicking as an island left the mainland which lead a kingdom to become divided
You had a rise of a potential prankster to the oval electoral chair in the land of the red, white and blue
You had the unlikely foxes stamping their authority on the rest of the kingdom as their rise to the top was outstanding
You had a population overlooked as a global event eclipsed the problems existing in the land of the competition
You had a number of strategic devious plans that kept the global on high alert
You had a family brought to its knees as a succession of members were taking from their midst

My dear 2016
What a year we had. What a time we shared. For me I’m grateful.
However, It wasn’t easy to take the negatives and positives to be appreciative.
The negatives seemed to outweigh and out weigh the positives
But eventually we made it, I learnt a lot from you.
We started the year with such optimising with an air of uncertainty.
We enjoyed the explosion of happiness singing out to the multi coloured display layering the night sky
I celebrated a range of emotional displays on the initially populated street way, empty foot ways, group dance pathways and explosive runways
I dreamt of amazing opportunities to equate the work I had added to my ever growing résumé
I wished for a simply amazing year full of joy and hope
But I was mostly disappointed with the lack of instant gratification for my hard work by institutions.

My dear 2016
I will say this though, one thing that surprised me was, my graduation ceremony. It was better than I expected. As you know It’s been a long time coming. From joy to heartache, peace to headache, my time at uni was a roller coaster I will never EVER forget.
So we both knew prior to my graduation ceremony, I’ve said I’m just going to collect a piece of paper so why should I be excited. But on the day, as I looked at the sea of graduates plastered with giant smiles, I couldn’t help but be proud to be in their presence.
Oh! Oh! Oh…wait…do you remember that day, you know what I’m talking about. The day when I thought it was over. The day I thought it wasn’t going to be this year.
Do you remember the emptiness I felt after departing that room? I fully thought I wasn’t going to qualify. Do you remember my thoughts as I gazed at the paper? From question to question? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was bad. Till this day, I don’t know how I passed. I can only be thankful. By God’s mighty grace I passed.

So like Kanye says, ‘N-now th-that that don’t kill me
Can only make me stronger’
My dear 2016
I’ll wrap this up by saying, thank you for all the memories and lessons.
Now help me to welcome our new friend, 2017.

And the song of the week

Title: Jesus Will
Artist(s): Anita Wilson
Album: Worship Soul

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed

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