Last night was very restless. At first I thought it was because I had slept so early i had rubbed myself of sleeping during the night. However, it was the incidents that had occurred during the day that troubled my mind and my sleep. Since I am not a person of political power or have a high stature in society, my only outlet is my words.
It is very disheartening to see the state of situations in the country. Just earlier on in the day it was on the news that 111 million naira was found at INEC office which was used to rig the December elections held in Rivers State. Yet everyday we hear there is no money and there is a recession in the country. People are struggling everyday to make ends meet, others are denied basic amenities such as food while others eat the wealth that is meant for all.
Later on that day, a friend sent me post of how soldiers were beating up a disabled man. Why? Because he wore camouflage on the street. Agreed it is an illegal act but there are more humane ways to deal with such an issue. As men in a position of authority they could have ceased the item of clothing, maybe the man had nothing else, they could have bought him a cheap shirt and so on. But they took him off his wheelchair and choose to disgrace the uniform they were seemingly defending. I saw two men in a position of not only better strength but also of authority, beat up someone who could in no physical or economic strength defend himself.
Finally, the issue of the black soot in Port Harcourt is still an ongoing problem. What scares me the most is that we breathe in this air. We may not see it now but if this continues, could pose some serious health risks in the long run. As if we don’t have enough problems, we now have to fight for the air we breathe which God has given free of charge. However, there are people at home who have been paid to allow this madness happen and others who think it’s ok to do this.
Its sad that the human race has come to this, greed, indiscipline, abuse of power and disregard for human life is the order of the day. Traits as simple as kindness and self respect are rare to come by. So much evil and darkness clouds the hearts and minds of man it’s no wonder that sometimes it seems God has just pushed further away from us.
I would like to go all spiritual and say the end of the world is near but I know I have not the power to proclaim such words. I do know this, what you sow is what you reap and in life it is how you treat others that is the same way you shall be treated. Do not allow anger and greed force the had of God towards your direction.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this country cause it has taken a lot of work to destroy its integrity. It will not happen in a day or a year but please people, little acts of kindness and consideration towards other human beings can go a long way. Don’t let brief moments of vanity and earthly pleasure cloud your judgements. #istandfornigeria

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