Tears of Circumstance

Hi all, Reflection time! Yet again. Maybe I should just call these blog posts reflections of a stranger…hmm that does not sound too bad…I’ll think about it. Ok okay, let’s start. So I went to Newday earlier this month. During the worship session….Oh for those that don’t know about Newday. It’s basically a Christian youth camp. Okay back to the…

What is your Inner Warfare?

Inner Warfare is a place we tend to take our stance against the opposition in our mindset. I wrote a spoken word piece titled, Inner Warfare, as part of my Victory Battle series shared on A4PTV, which is based on this concept. Take a look at the video below. Victory Battle is a series of spoken word pieces based on the…

What Now?

Evening all, Ini here. I have some news for this blog.  I have decided to reduce the amount of post that I share on here to two per week. One will be on Sunday and the other post will be on Thursday. However, there might be some posts from other people. The Sunday posts will still include Song Of the…

The Valley

This week’s spoken word poetry video is from a guy that is pour out his heart trying to encourage those that are hurt and broken. There’s a way out! Title: The Valley Artist: Jose Gaytan Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

Mention Of Your Name

This week’s song of the week is one of my favourites on this new album Brian and Jenn Johnson. I just love the simplistic and yet powerful song. LOVE IT! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I pray that as you go through your week, whatever challenges that occur, remember you are not alone. Remember, Jesus.…

Getting Warmed Up

Vibes! Vibes! Boy been waiting for Swoope ever since the Sinema album project, which was just amazing as you can hear his heart in that project But he’s back! (like he left) lool. Vibes!!! Anyway have a great weekend. Title: Warmed Up Artist(s): Swoope Album: Warmed Up – Single Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.


Today is Wednesday and that means poetically inspiring post. So this week’s spoken word piece is from Rhetoric 2016. Yancy Jamez share his heart on the way we judge each other in comparison to how we judge ourselves. It’s a great piece. I hope you are blessed with this piece. Title: Coward Artist(s): Yancy Jamez Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

Worship/Reflection Mode

This week’s Song of the week is a true worship song in all manner of the word. I feel that I once you start listening to this song you’ll feel compelled to start worshipping and end up praying. This is such a beautiful song. Have a blessed week as you listen to this song. Title: Speak To Me Artist(s): Kari…


Fridday! That means Hip Hop Corner time. So the artist named, Bizzle release his video for his song Royalty, on valentine’s day. It was a perfect time for his song because of its meaning. Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the song. Title: Royalty Artist(s): Bizzle Album: Crowns And Crosses Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.

Red, White, Blue and Black

The poetically inspiring video for this week is a video on the injustice befallen a group of people. This is an expressive method of sharing information. Title: Red, White, Blue and Black Artist(s): Various Artists Stay Safe, Stay Blessed.