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Victory Battle

Victory Battle is a series of spoken word pieces based on the idea that we all have challenges that we face that we need to overcome. During the fight, we go through process that should ultimately bring the best out of us. So this series shows a character development. LISTINGS: 1. Ideals #1 2. Space Bound 3. Grace x Deserved 4. Ideals #2…

A4Poetry [Spoken Word]

A4Poetry [Spoken Word] is a collection of ideas and experiences presented through spoken word. These experiences are made to express love, joy, truths and generally inspire the coming generation. 1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS 2. POWER OF GOD 3. TEMPTATION + PRAYER 4. MAGIC WORDS

Dear Diary Series [DDS]

DDS is a collection of letters on ideals and institutions. It is a way of expressing thoughts and views on various subjects that have poke my curiosity in the past. Hopefully through this series, it makes people think and wonder about various situation. This series will empower what is good and also celebrate success in areas that should be shown. LISTINGS: 1. Dear…